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To open new frontiers in low-impact aquatic research while simultaneously educating the next generation of engineers.

5-Year Plan

Year 1

Began with refurbishing an old boat and renaming it Git Boat. This provided Software with a platform to develop on while Mechanical and Electrical worked on the next boat. Our year-end goal is to sail Git Boat autonomously around Lake Waban in Wellesley.

Year 2

Our second year will include finishing our next boat, a trimaran with a wing sail named Hawsepiper, and refining our behavior algorithms. We will also begin design of the I-Boat. The year will culminate with testing in a small section of the Massachusetts Bay.

Years 3-4

As time goes on, we will build increasingly large boats, working our way up to something on the order of 20-30 feet long. We will also be further refining our software, giving it the brains to cross an open ocean. As our technologies progress, we’ll test them in increasingly formidable conditions.

Year 5

In our last year, we’ll put the finishing touches on whatever Electrical, Mechanical, and Software systems we’ve developed. We’ll do our final durability testing, triple-check all our math (and the rules of the open ocean), and set her free!



Tumultuous Atlantic Ocean conditions demand exceedingly robust construction


Prolonged periods of physical inaccessiblity require extremely reliabile systems


Changing sea and weather conditions necessitate constant adjustment to behavior


Conducting ocean research requires a customizable, multi-purpose platform